Teacher Appreciation

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May is Teacher Appreciation Month at Foods For Living!

We all know that teachers impart knowledge. They also function as coaches, referees, counselors, bodyguards, and friends. They have to move as fast as their brightest students, while making sure they leave no one behind. When students express frustration with a lesson, teachers often have to turn inward, and ask themselves how they can do better. They have to teach with one eye on the test and one on practicality. At the end of the day, they can breathe and prepare to do it all again. What’s more, teachers routinely spend a lot of their own money on school supplies. At some point, they’ll need to eat.

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Many of our customers come in after a long day of teaching. To show our appreciation for this noble profession, we are giving school teachers, (including elementary, middle, high school, and college) 20% off all purchases* during the month of May. That’s right—if you’re a teacher, get 20% off your whole bill, every day in the month of May. The final stretch can be an arduous one, and we are proud to help.


Q: Does this promotion include early childhood educators, college teachers, TAs, home school teachers, and student teachers? 

A: Yes, yes it does. Try and bring some proof of employment. If you forget, you will be issued a subject-specific quiz, proctored by a cashier, which you must pass with a 77% or above. (Not really.)

Q: Does this include teachers from out of town?

A: Absolutely! If you move here, we can be friends, though, so we’d recommend that.

Q: This seems too good to be true.

A: Thanks! But that’s not a question.

Q: What about other professions? 

A: We like those too. We plan to honor some of our other favorite professions in the coming months.

Q: When is this again?

A: Every day in May.

Q: Why can’t you make the discount apply to beer, wine, and milk? What’s wrong with a cheap drink or milk?

A: The truth is…psssst. This is kind of a trade secret. Profit margins on most items in grocery world are really small. Grocery stores make money by selling in volume. Some items we carry simply because people want them, but we make very little profit. So we’d love to offer the discount on every last item, but we’d be losing money on some, and we can’t afford to do that.

Q: If you can afford to do this for teachers, why not do it for everyone?

A: See above. We can’t afford to do it for everyone at once, but we will try and surprise you with fun sales and discounts whenever we can. We also have a lot of monthly sale items. Check out our rotating deep discounts on supplements!


*exceptions: beer, wine, milk

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