Garden of Life 30% off!

GARDEN-OF-LIFE-GOL-GREEN-WALL-Large-1100x618.jpgGarden of Life supplements are 30% off this month at Foods For Living. Why should you care?

Garden of Life is the #1 brand in the natural products industry. GOL’s entire product line, from protein powders to multivitamins, is created with a few core ideas in mind:

gold muralWhole food is good for you. Garden of Life products try to “isolate” the elements of food as little as possible. They are designed to harness the natural synergy that happens when you eat foods by including digestive “cofactors.” In other words, Garden of Life has put a lot of science into making their products as beneficial as possible for your body.

Garden of Life is a non-GMAbout_GoL_ContentO, organic company. They keep their products clean, because that’s how you want your body.

What’s more, Garden of Life pays attention to all the moving parts in its business, from ingredient origins to worker treatment and pay.


Whether you’re beginning a new fitness regimen, looking to patch some holes in your nutrient intake, or just looking for the best prenatal vitamin you can find, Foods For Living’s staff is happy to help you navigate our deeply-discounted Garden of Life selection.



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